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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Slow Simmer

I stopped for some coffee early this morning at one of my usual spots. While fixing my coffee, I listened to the conversation between the clerk, and a few customers at the counter.

The conversation was heated, and the determination was accented by the frustration. The topic? Illegals, immigration, and the obvious attempt by some to continue the ridiculous process of allowing people into the United States without careful vetting.

While the media, and many liberal pockets in the U.S. continue to promote their agenda, they're failing to notice the huge amount of real estate, the people that live there, their increasing anger, and how those they thumb their nose at can - and will - respond to threats against their prosperity, or safety. These people produce the raw products required for those that produce nothing but paper, bureaucracy, and public debt. Ignoring their wishes can have unwanted effects for those that think their population density demands they have more control of the United States.

Time will tell how this turns out; but self-sufficient, determined, and very strong people - that want the deluge of people coming to the U.S. to slow to a trickle - have had enough. Protesting won't change their mind, complaining only makes them more angry, and demanding they accept the madness Obama started is a waste of time. Obama, and his liberal sycophants,  don't have to deal with the crime, or live by those that are only here to abuse the system.

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