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Monday, January 16, 2017

Hoarding And The Government

During my life, I had to deal with a hoarder. It was interesting to say the least. Cleaning up the mess took months, and what was found was sometimes amazing, but mostly disheartening.

I found things still in unopened boxes. Also, I found important things, but many were ruined due to being buried in junk for a long time. Very little was salvageable, so most everything was sent to the dump. Finding the bottom revealed damaged floor, and walls, that required replacing, or paint. Luckily, the damage didn't lead to removal of the sub-floor, or affect the floor joists.

Our government has turned into a cooperative hoarding operation. Important things are buried in junk, and the junk is constantly added to by bureaucrats. Finding the useful items is not only a waste of time, most are damaged by years of accumulated bureaucracy. The junk has accumulated to the point there is no method to the dysfunction, and the actual damage of this mess is hidden somewhere under the piles.

Cleaning up this mess requires an effort by those in D.C. to admit their problem, an intervention by taxpayers to demand an end to the hoarding, and a strong effort to remove the junk that is not only costly, it prevents any effort to repair the basic structure of our government.


  1. This big government hoarding is called entitlement spending. They will not admit to their addictions, and instead will persist in adding to this pyramid scheme made of urine-soaked boxes and cat poop.

    1. After reading a news report this morning, it looks like Trump intends to cut spending, and drain some of the bureaucratic quagmire. Time will tell if he does.