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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Globalization and Small Towns

After years of observation, I've found small town elected officials can be just as incompetent, and corrupt, as those in large cities. Also, bureaucracy rears its ugly head in the smallest of administrations. When you add confiscatory taxing, things only get worse, but at least in small towns, those willing to cross the citizens have more of chance of finding those citizens waiting for them after work. Their power is limited to who they're willing to meet in the street.

What does this have to do with Globalization? If small towns, large towns, state and the Federal government are rife with incompetence, bureaucracy and corruption, it's insane to believe a global community will be better.


  1. Funny you should mention that. My son is trying to get a zoning variance so that if the house he is trying to sell should burn, the new owner can rebuild as a residence, since they rezoned his property commercial as part of "The Master Plan".
    Every meeting he goes to, every official he talks to refers him to the same person, who continually tells him he cannot get a variance until the house actually burns down, whereupon there is a good chance the new owner (if the new owner can actually get financed under these conditions to buy the place) will get a variance.
    But the variance cannot be given in advance, and they refuse to rezone in deference to "The Master Plan".
    I'll probably cut and paste and blog this.
    It sounds so socialist.

    1. City councils, from my perspective, are one of the most destructive, obtuse, condescending, arbitrary panels of people chosen to legislate by those that don't have a clue on the damage their ignorance leads to. The same goes for most all legislative bodies, since those that pay the taxes continue to do so without any recourse for relief.

      Bureaucrats, since their existence depends on bureaucracy, plod along with their daily task and refuse to believe what they follow is only suggested methods for handling civic responsibility.

  2. You mean that globalized government won't be a shiny beacon of truth and honesty like... the United Nations?

    1. That's the best example of how a panel of world representatives can make millions miserable.