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Saturday, May 19, 2018

It's Not Self-Perpetuating

Another school shooting is now the focus of the media. The tragedy is exploited, covered all hours of the day, and the basic reasons for the shootings are ignored: Attention, and notoriety. There's the real tragedy. The acts of an irrational individual are given more attention than more serious problems to make some revenue, boost ratings, and give an unreasonable amount of network news outlets another story. The disturbed shooter is given billions in media coverage, and rewarded for their effort.

It's ironic that news agencies ignore how many U.S. cities have the same amount of murders daily, the politicians continue their errors, and the citizens faced with the dangers are not only expected to accept the policies, they're expected to vote the same reprobates back into office - and the citizens do just that.

Society is ill, but the pathogen is a destructive media. Time will tell if this changes, but as long as the outlets can gain revenue from the tragedies they help create, this will continue.


  1. There is this:

    1. He's as frustrated as I am. The media has the example of Manson to know the negative effects of publishing the efforts of a madman. Nothing good comes from the exposure, and the creation of acolytes due to the reporting only adds to the harm.

  2. I dispensed with the mass media long ago. I think pretty much everyone with a triple digit IQ has to. When I see the headlines I feel like I am being trolled by children... very stupid children.
    I’m keeping my guns, thanks.

    1. Media moguls have armed security. Remove it, and they would become advocates of an armed citizenry.