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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Power Corrupts

John McCain is dying. The media is letting us know this day by day, and if you're ignorant, you'd think he had some special significance.

John McCain's legacy is being directly involved with major destruction of an aircraft carrier, losing an expensive jet by ignoring normal tactics, being captured by the enemy, not being liked by many of his fellow prisoners, using his capture for political capitol, and spending decades as a career politician. His political career is spotted with corruption, betrayal to his party, and betrayal to his constituents. His dislike of the President includes peddling a fake dossier to destroy the presidency.

The media is using McCain for story, and McCain is using the media to continue his petty character assassination attempts of the President. Neither has integrity, and neither understand there are enough find them reprehensible.


  1. Fly away, songbird! Fly away! I heard that seat might flip Republican.

    1. That will be good. It's been years since there was a Republican Senator in that seat.