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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Things Accepted, or Allowed

Our society accepts, or allows many things destructive to a free society:

- Politicians that don't do everything within their power to keep costs reduced, and ignore ridiculous demands by small special interest groups.

- Monetary policies that are under the control of those willing to subvert our currency for personal gain.

- An education system run my Marxists, and others that promoted failed. tyrannical political philosophies.

- A media that uses its power to destroy free thinking and promote the removal of personal liberty.

- Bureaucrats with powers not controlled by those that pay their salaries.

- Science based on personal opinion and corrupted data.

- Judges that ignore rights, legislate from the bench, and use their power to destroy the Constitution.

- Accepts a system of justice that allows those with money, or power, to avoid prosecution.

- Allows illegal aliens to invade.

- Ignores the problems that create the seeking of abortion, and promotes the act most find abhorrent.

The list goes on. The problems continue, and it's all business as usual for those that chose evil to guide their beliefs, and actions. 

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