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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Enough of the Kid Gloves

You'd think the seditionists that attempted a coup had only jaywalked. Mainstream media avoids the crimes, those that can prosecute haven't frog-walked one of them to the nearest jail, and those most involved are allowed all the publicity they want for nothing.

It's time for this to end. Laws were broken, criminals with government authority went rogue, and many in the media used disinformation to aid in  the coup attempt.

What should happen? Start with Comey. He's admitted breaking the law, and should be prosecuted immediately. Then go after Nellie Orr. She'll sing like a canary - even it means giving up her husband. Those two will spill the beans on others, and the media will be forced to report - even if they try to spin it as something else.

Sedition is back-door treason in this situation. Those involved were part of the criminal activities of the last administration, and there was no honorable effort to remove tyranny. They were part of the tyranny, trying to cover up their activities, and making an effort to remove the will of citizens.

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