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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Playing With Fire

It appears Barr is losing patience. To the Democrats, they think they may be backing him into a corner, and they'll either force his impeachment, or he'll resign. Both may be the actual outcome, but they might not have considered Barr knows way more than they think, he's working hard on criminal charges for some of their favored people, and the final outcome may reveal a huge seditious effort to change the government outside the rules of law. If the entire effort to destroy Trump is as illegal as it appears, the final outcome may be the dismantling of the main structure of the Democratic Party.

Personally, I hope Barr comes out with both guns blazing, and payback on his mind.


  1. I hope you're right, and that we get a cleansing through our criminal justice system. I fear, however, that we'll get a never-ending Hatfield and McCoy feud.

    Good thing I have popcorn.

  2. I watched the hearing today. Barr not only outclassed the Dem Senators, he made them look like fools with his straightforward answers. I kind of think he can hold his own.

    1. Agree. And is it only me, or do others get the impression that none of the Libs actually read much of Mueller's report because Barr's summation already briefed them that collusion of Trump-Russia-Election is a fairy tale?

    2. Pure kabuki virtue signaling.
      Barr should have walked and left them sputtering.

    3. I think Barr can hold his own, but the Democrats are subverting facts and outright lying. I think he needs to go on the offensive and punish the Democrats by prosecuting their criminals.

    4. It's coming. Soon. Two weeks the report on Comey.
      FISA judges are calling for Justice to avenge them of four years of Obama abuse.

  3. if the medusa is dismantled it will return under a different guise