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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Theory and Realism

Theoretically, the attempted coup of the President could yield terrible punishments - even a firing squad. Realistically, those most involved will probably skate. It shouldn't be that way, but things could change....we can only hope.


  1. An eye for an eye leads to a blind world.


    If there is no justice?

    Everyone loses faith in the system. If that happens, it's all over.

    Hand me my cane.

    1. Although it would send a bold message, I'm don't think something as harsh as a hanging would be a good way to punish those convicted of sedition. That's too final, and soon to be forgotten. My suggestion is a long prison term, with an annual mandate the convicted appear on television to read their apology for trying to destroy the United States.

    2. I like that. But isn't telling the truth cruel and unusual to some?

    3. Probably, but if their other option is a firing squad at sunrise, I think they'll make the logical choice.