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Saturday, May 23, 2020


All in all, the last months were absurd. People were told to stay home, yet too many didn't have the resources to do so. They stayed home anyway, the government threw them some money, which increased the debt, and to make it more absurd, further deepened the debt by making unemployment insurance payments higher than what a substantial amount of people normally earned.

Masks were mandated, or so deeply recommended, people wore them, yet never realized they're basically ineffective, unless they're a respirator designed for the purpose, and properly fitted. The particle masks most people wore were designed for particulates, such as dust, or sand. To make things worse, the masks worn had large gaps, or were worn under the nose. That offers no protection.

The stores open only allowed one person from a family. This really was absurd, since that one person, if infected, was the one they didn't want in the store. The other family member that stayed outside, or waited a few minutes to enter, was infected too, so it was all an absurd effort mandated by absurd politicians.

Large cities run by Democrats mandated absurd rules. Everyone was to remain isolated. If anyone ignored the rules, they faced fines, or jail time. To make the absurdity more absurd, violent criminals were released to keep them from being infected. To even try to justify such absurd behavior is absurd.

Meanwhile, those considered "essential" continued to work. Those in law enforcement, the medical field, and other first responders were considered heroes. Lowly construction workers, clerks, and those in the food business were basically ignored, even though their ability to be protected was reduced tremendously.  The managers of political entities, (most probably far from essential) continued to receive paychecks, while promulgating the absurdities.

After watching the entire event, I realized there are way too many people willing to trade supposed safety for liberty. That's the biggest absurdity. Without liberty, there is no safety. When everything you do is controlled by those willing to subjugate fellow humans to their whim, your health is not important, unless they feel it's necessary. If you don't follow their rules, they're willing to destroy you for their continuance of power.


  1. Well said, Jess. I find it astounding that we so easily gave up our way of life, jobs, businesses. Just introduce a virus boogeyman and we go down without a fight.

    1. I think our ancestors would be appalled.