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Saturday, October 17, 2020

But, They Still Pay Attention

 During the 2016 election, the polls, pundits, media, and believers were steadfast in their belief Clinton was to be the next President. They were all proven wrong, even though the main-stream polls indicated they were right. 

This is happening again. The polls that receive inaccurate information, or use corrupt methods, are all over the lying media attempting to influence the voter. The polls can't be trusted, the media is mostly corrupt, and people still pay attention to the polls.  


  1. I honestly think that most voters on the Right are laying low, not responding to pollsters. Don't want to get cancelled/Molotov-cocktailed/cars keyed and all that, should word get out that we're not being appropriately PC.

  2. I think the "polls" we are told about are made up crap. Didnt believe it last time, either. Funny how some degree of reality started creeping into them as election day drew nearer. I think the shrinks who believe they know The People better than The People believe they can sway people to vote for a certain person by telling them how strongly in th lead that person is.Everyone wants to be able to say they voted for The Winner, right?
    What I am waiting for is a Total landslide,, Democrats, not insane lefties, but regular working folk,, democrats,, have GOT to be sick of what is going on,, And they cant afford to admit to supporting TRump, They could literally lose everything,,Jobs, house, the works,,
    Just look at the impromptu supporter created rallies for TRump, Look at the turnout for him, everywhere,, and look at Biden and the pathetic response he generates.. and they stand around and holler about how unpopular Trump is!
    Alex, I'll take
    My Lyin Eyes, for a thousand..

  3. No matter what-
    The seeds have been planted that this election will be illegitimate.
    They will stuff the boxes, then claim Trump's win doesn't count.
    My promise to all:
    If Trump wins, there will be trouble.
    If Biden wins, there will be trouble.
    So, be a good Boy Scout.

  4. The polls may be a mask for the oncoming vote fraud.
    "Fraud? How could that be? The polls had him losing."

  5. There are a lot of days left until the election. What nasty surprise have the Dems got in wait this time?