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Friday, October 9, 2020

It's The Dose

 If you look up the composition of safe drinking water, you find there is an acceptable level of cyanide. It won't hurt you, but drink a glass of it, and you won't last but a few minutes. Otherwise, it's the dose of the substance that makes the poison. 

The dose of poison politics has reached the point of severe harm. Democrat politicians - with the help of hired officials - have poisoned our system of government, and are publicly continuing their efforts. The subterfuge is now in the open, and criminal acts are ignored by those we trusted to protect us from criminals. Rights are ignored, businesses are closed by fiat demands, and all citizens are being herded like cattle. 

This will continue, until all rights are removed, or some powerful people are severely punished for their treason. Regardless of were this goes, there are millions that won't sit around and watch. It's the nature of a free citizenry to rebel against tyranny, and if they're armed, they'll reject it with force. 

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