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Friday, October 9, 2020

Reverse Discrimination

 I've never liked the term "equal opportunity" since it indicates an attempt to punish what are considered privileged people because of their heritage. Regardless of their character, abilities, records or economic background, people with certain skin colors are pushed last in line, which in some situations, removes opportunities they may only have once in their lifetime. With government mandates, this discrimination is an unconscionable effort to punish people for no reason other than their skin color. 

Yale is learning of how their efforts can be expensive. It serves them right, and makes me wonder how an ivy league university can receive so much in federal funds, unless they're milking the equal opportunity windfalls. I also wonder how many opportunities were lost by people that were discriminated against because of the color of their skin. 

Such things remind me of my lost opportunities, when I wasn't allowed a chance due to the color of my skin. I even was told how I was considered a good prospect, only to be disappointed to find out I wouldn't ever have a chance, since I was white. 

Maybe things will eventually change, but I don't have much faith in our government. It's filled with unqualified people that only have a job because they were given special treatment. Their ignorance, and our acquiescence, have led to unacceptable levels of incompetence. 


  1. When Barack plays golf, he tees from the women's tees.
    THAT is Affirmative Action.