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Saturday, October 10, 2020

Twice Times

 Hurricane Delta closely followed the path of Laura yesterday. Unlike Laura, there was more rain, and the tropical wind force area was larger. Those that didn't have any effect from Laura were in the rain bands and high winds. 

The time it arrived allowed more to see the fury of the storm during the day, which led to personal reports the storm was worse than Laura in my area. In my opinion it wasn't, and like all hurricanes, the damage is unique. The winds are never the same, and trees that survived Laura, might have caught the right gust to lose a large limb, or topple over. Seeing this damage as it happens, instead of just hearing it, leads to a totally different perspective of the storm. 

The folks in Louisiana are in for more visits with adjusters, long phone calls with insurance companies that don't want to pay, and wandering if their lives will ever be the same. They're tough people, and in most areas, not willing to let such things defeat them. They'll recover, and hopefully, this will be a hundred year hurricane event. If so, they can live their lives without ever dealing with another major hurricane. 


  1. I was thinking Covid as I read this.
    Some get hit harder than others.
    And previous damage influences results.