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Thursday, March 18, 2021

Laying the Blame Where it Belongs

 The news is stating Cuomo forced the nursing homes to take Covid patients, and the result was deadly. Added to the stories is how the directors of these facilities were horrified of the action. So who is to blame for this event?

The blame lies with those that run the nursing homes. They could have said no, refused the patients, and fought New York in court. Instead they rolled over, and allowed helpless people to die from their lack of courage. 

Equally to blame is the media. With such a terrible event unfolding, they could have spent hours condemning the actions, and saved the lives of elderly people that were removed from contact with their families. They turned their back, while the elderly suffered from the criminal actions of a public entity. 

Cuomo needs to be punished. So do the directors, the media editors, and those in the homes that allowed the carnage. This is no different than the horrors committed by the Communists, Nazis, and Muslims that kill indiscriminately to advance a goal of tyranny. Blaming others for turning your back on murder is as horrific as the act of murder.


  1. Accepting responsibility for terrible decisions seems to be a thing of the past. Easier to blame everyone else.

    1. What makes it worse is the only repercussion from refusing to accept patients was either a reprimand, possible firing, or the threat of the loss of a license. Those things are far less terrible than allowing people to die.

  2. And thus the ultimate horror of the Left - they march lockstep to toss sacrifices into the fire.

    1. Yep. We're supposed to understand this madness, and sit on our hands, while becoming more woke.