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Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Untangling a Mess

It appears a judge in Georgia has ruled 30,000 votes should be audited for authenticity.  That may reveal a different candidate won the election. Also, a judge in Michigan ruled the Secretary of State broke election laws with and absentee ballot executive order.  As time goes by, more of these rulings may show the last national election left some supposed winners in office. That leads to me thinking: "What will they do to correct this illegal problem?"

What can they do? Will the election be nullified? Will those that were illegal elected kicked out of office?  The proper action is that all activities, or laws, accomplished during their time in office should be suspended and nullified. Time will tell, but this will be something they can't sweep under the rug. 


  1. We know it was rigged. They know we know it was rigged. This isn't a question of that - it's just testing the courts to see if the Republic has entirely sold out.

    1. I think there are many more honest judges than many may think. I, also, think the higher courts are more corrupt, since the path to those courts requires too many times where the law is bent to achieve the position.

  2. If the media doesn't say anything about it, no one will know.

    1. The main-stream media is on life support, and the local affiliates are suffering because of the subterfuge they were so willing to broadcast as facts.