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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

I've Been Busy....By Not Being Busy

 I guess I have a little writer's block. The news is so full of absurdities, it almost hurts my head to think anyone would consider any of the major news outlets seriously, and the politicians they promote as anything but criminals needing to be prosecuted before they're shot. That, and the Supreme Court has fallen into bad ways. Too many of the justices are traitors, and their opinions would make Lenin feel like a proud parent. 

Still, I've been somewhat busy. We went on a short trip before Easter to the areas Northeast of the Fascist Austin. That was a needed respite from everything, and reconfirmed by opinion the capitol needs to have a moat around it, with armed guards to prevent the loonies from escaping. The capitol may suck, but the fine folks that surround it are the best examples of how friendly, and good, the people of Texas usually are. 

The weather here has been dry. I doubt we've had an inch of rain in the last month, and any spare moisture that was in the ground was sucked up by all the blooming flora. The weather may be dry, but the fine, pleasant days are a wonderful tradeoff. A lot of work around the surrounding family acreage was unhampered by boggy ground, or nasty days of rain. With most of the efforts in the morning, the cool air made work pleasant. 

That's all I have for now. I might have more later, but don't count on it. I'm finding it easier to deal with the traitors by not thinking too much about them. I think many are like me, and the push to convert us is making the resistance only stronger. Masks are now laughed at in my neck of the woods, and demands for the death vaccine are refused vehemently. 


  1. We've given up on masks here, too.

    1. The absurdity finally sank in enough to inspire rational thought.

    2. Nah, you could always go out to eat or go to any store without them. It's just "official" now.

  2. Glad everything's OK. I always suspect the worst when a blogger drops off the grid.

    1. We were probably close to your part of the world during our three day trip. One notable feature was Enchanted Rock. We happened upon it when a reservation wasn't required, and wished we had dressed to hike to the top.

  3. The people I talk to about the lies in the media are pulling back too. After decades of watching things and trying to stay on top of what is actually happening instead of what they want us to believe and coming so close to getting them under control and then
    Nobody went to prison
    They stole the election
    And we are supposed to pretend everything was on the level.

    Naah, fuck the cocksukkers.