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Monday, July 26, 2021

Don't Look There For the Solution

It's glaringly apparent the last Presidential election was corrupted by illegal methods. It's just as apparent that the current President wasn't elected as prescribed by law, and shouldn't be in office. That, according to those that like to obfuscate with B.S., is an event that is not described in the Constitution, and we should spend billions litigating, while the current madness continues. 

What should be done? Ignore the fact the Constitution doesn't have a remedy for this unique situation, and do what is right. Kick the scumbags out of office, prosecute those involved with the chicanery of corrupting the last election, and hang all necessary traitors as soon as possible. It's an easy solution, and the majority of the good people in the country agree. Today is a good day to start the process.  

So, who will be President? That's another easy solution. Trump won legally, and all B.S. litigation won't change that fact. 


  1. Although I agree with you heartily, it sounds like insurrection.

    1. Insurrection, if there weren't laws established, which outline what I suggest. The law states how the President is chosen, and illegally manipulating the vote is a crime. So is sedition, and being a traitor. Both describe the actions of those involved with the illegal voting, and in my opinion, when it all is completely exposed, it's the duty of the military to help law enforcement to remove a fraudulent Commander in Chief. That, and prosecutors to approach the grand jury with charges of treason for those involved. The maximum penalty for treason is death, and is a good deterrent for those contemplating the same in the future.

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  3. If you're in possession of something you stole, you don't get to keep it.