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Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Class Action

Trump is lead representative in class action suits against some tech giants. The reaction is across the board, including those clamoring to become part of the suits, and those discounting the suits as a waste of time. It's interesting, but may be a tremendous lesson in civics. 

Discovery will take time, but considering the years of censorship, Trump has a treasure trove of evidence that shows the censorship, which is legal by constitutional standards, unless the censorship can directly be shown as collusion between government officials and the tech giants. Then there's not only civil penalties, there are criminal penalties for using the color of law, or public position, to deny constitutional rights. The discovery might be more than enlightening, and if the evidence is indefensible, the smoke and mirrors of the defendants will only be more support of the suits. 

Trump has an advantage, since he filed suit in Florida, which isn't a bastion of liberal judges like in Washington D.C., and New York. Not only are the judges more conservative, the jurors are too. The path of appeals is also to his advantage. The Fifth Circuit is the federal appeals court, and it's far from liberal. with the path to the Supreme Court to his advantage, and compelling evidence to support his suits, the tech giants might find the civil penalties are more than severe. 

When you add the fact the tech giants are totally dependent on those that use their services, a large amount of people stopping to use their services will add to the financial burden of defending what could become a destructive law suit. That, and if the suit is lost, those that supported them over the years might find a financial bonus. 

This will be interesting to watch. From my perspective, the effort to silence Trump over the years proved an effort to prevent information from being available for a thoughtful vote. That's not healthy for a good society, and those involved with the subterfuge should be exposed, and punished. 


  1. Nothing will happen. The courts are completely and throroughly pozzed and compromised. We saw this in the Derek Chauvin/George Floyd case where the cop was charged with both premeditated murder AND involuntary manslaughter. It should have been called a mistrial when Maxine Waters warned the jurors that they better vote guilty - or else. That noggered idiot should have been jailed the second she opened her mouth too. The Supremes are refusing to hear cases that they were created to rule on.

    Jess, to clean up the corruption and mess that currently infests all the institutions is going to take a leader like Pinochet or maybe somebody like a Duterte. Our ruling classes need to be pruned and a few will need to be shot or have bombs thrown at them before they clean up their act. They are going to have to be pushed out of helicopters. Sure, it takes two to tango when it comes to fighting... but it takes two to tango when folks are at the dance during peace time too. The courts are on the other side of us on this one and they have no interest in fairness or justice. They're paid actors and Zuck and Dorsey et al are financing them.

    It's time to clean house, both in Canada and the US. Sooner or later, a leader with the guts to do that is going to come along and it will be Mutiny On The Bounty.

    1. "premeditated murder AND involuntary manslaughter"
      When I first saw that, I wondered what logical construction could support that. Mutually exclusive and all.

  2. I've always felt allowing former special forces teams to take a few high ranking officials for some interrogation would yield invaluable information.

  3. Nope. Justice system is bought and paid for. The Constitution is, sadly dead. Not even referenced much in 2021.

  4. "Sooner or later, a leader with the guts".
    But it will have to be a leader the people trust enough to stick their neck out.

  5. Jess, have you read People's Republic by Kurt Schlicter?

  6. Corruption not only abounds, it currently rules. Suing Zuckerberg and those other tech leftist gurus is nothing more than popcorn fodder. I liked the idea of Trump running for congress next year, becoming Speaker and leading the impeachment against Biden.