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Thursday, July 29, 2021

Ignoring the Obvious

 The Tenth Amendment  is specific about the rights of the states, and the people. It specifically states that anything not specified in the Constitution are reserved to the states, or the people. This a powerful part of the Constitution, since it removes the federal government from wandering beyond the bounds specifically described. While some may misconstrue the amendment as pertaining only to states, it also pertains to the people, which have just as much power, if the meddling of the federal government is contrary to beliefs, or rights enumerated in the Constitution.

The current Covid debacle is a good example of the failure of many states from the overreach of the U.S. government. Regardless of the personal opinions of politicians, or bureaucrats, each state, and their citizens, have sole authority on whether they want to follow the guidelines of the CDC, or any other federal entity.  It's a right specified in the Constitution, and the blind following of the supposed authorities led to financial distress, the loss of loved ones, and opening the door to tyrannical actions by bureaucrats. 

I'm seeing signs of a strong unwillingness to accept more mandates from those that are using corrupt science to pursue more power. That's a good thing, and those that attempt to remove a person's ability to work should be warned, and punished, regardless of whether they are a public, or private entity. Every person has a right of autonomy, and liberty when it comes down to personal health decisions. Being skeptical of an experimental medication, and those that recommend useless masks, is a right, and forcing either by duress, or imprisonment is, in my opinion, illegal.


  1. its that no official nor business owner wants to take on liability in our litigious society. when we let lawyers advertise in the 80's was the beginning of the end. i'm losing my job rather than vax or mask anymore. i just can't stomach stupidity any longer. i have an ironclad case but even so my lawyer says no judge will rule in accordance with law out of fear. rule of law is dead. just ask ashley babbitt.

  2. Every person has a right of autonomy, and liberty when it comes down to personal health decisions.

    And if they can take that away, then we are no more than cattle in a pasture,in their eyes. We've all heard of agenda21 and Georgia Guidestones but nothing that Looked like a mechanism to implement any of it. I still think we screwed up when we let them Tell us we hafta wear a seatbelt.