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Tuesday, July 13, 2021

TV Stuff

I can, and will, be up at different times of the night. The regular shows end, and the television hucksters abound. They smile, expound the wonderfulness of their products, and hope you will share their enthusiasm. Some of the wares are crap.

There's an airless painter that will paint a wall in hours. How do I know this? By watching the  commercial. I'm sure many won't recognize how abysmally slow the painter is, unless they've picked up a brush during their life. When you take in account the weight of the machine, someone that doesn't want to spend a decade painting their house will go buy a roller frame, some rollers, and a pan. 

Another fine product is a small circular saw that can cut up to 1/2 inch material....if you have the rest of your life to cut. Not only is it slow, it's terribly expensive for how little it can do. I'm sure there are a few thousand of these things sitting on a shelf, or sitting on a table at a yard sale. Anyone that want's to get something accomplished would have abandoned what is basically a toy a long time ago. 

My favorite is the air brush for putting on makeup. The results are spectacular, but I wonder how long the results would last in our 70% humidity. I can imagine the embarrassment when the powder starts running, and the user is out on a date.

Exercise machines make me scratch my head. They're expensive, and usually end up cluttering a room. Everyone I know that has one stopped using the machine after only a short period of time. Many can be found at garage sales, and and observation of the seller tells me that weren't really that serious about getting into shape.

There are other things: special cooking devices, air fryers, pasta machines....the list goes on. All have free shipping, if you're one of the first fifty people to make a purchase. Considering how this part of the deal is always available, I wonder if they'll ever sell their first fifty. Operators are waiting for your call...and probably bored.

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