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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

It's Been Two Years

In two years, I don't know anyone that had the flu, or a cold. I do know people that tested positive for Covid, had symptoms of the flu, and the common cold, but nobody that was diagnosed with either. While I believe there can be coincidences,  the odds say such an event is as isolated as being hit in the head with a bolt from a satellite. 


  1. cdc says a couple thousand cases of flu last year, down from 30-50 thousand yearly cases. hmmm. so i wanna know how you come up w/ a test that detects one corona virus(covid19) but doesn't detect another corona virus. and then in two weeks time you can detect another version of the SAME virus. hmmmm. i only know one person that died of "complications of covid" and nobody "of" covid. but i know three young men that got myocarditis after they got the jab. one died, one waiting transplant in the hospital, one on meds the rest of his life. odds: that would be astronomical.

  2. I had to get a covid test to attend a concert. When I went to to the local walk in, it was late in the afternoon and the nurses were in a good mood. For what ever reason. I tested negative and ended up chatting with them a bit. They both didn't agree with the vax and I was told, they had a lot of flu cases but the state wasn't counting the data so it wasn't reported.

  3. We all had it, but no one knew at the time. We found out due to antibody tests . . .

  4. My wife, and I, had all the symptoms in December of 2019. Back then, it was just that strange case of the flu, after receiving the flu vaccine three months before. The congestion was deeper, the symptoms didn't last that long, and to add insult to injury, I had Bell's Palsy two months later, after breaking my hand.

    All in all, the unwillingness by people to pull their heads out enough to get a whiff of logic is astounding. Not only are they standing in line to get a dose of what's being sold as unintended consequences, they're expounding the virtue of their actions on social media, while their friends are dying from heart failure.

    1. as they try to convince us that 12 year old having strokes is normal. saw an ad on a bus about how to recognize stroke in your teenager, shit you not. they are going to come unglued IF they ever realize they been snookered.