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Sunday, January 2, 2022

Quick Weather Change

 At midnight, I went out on the porch to check the weather. The wizards forecast the arrival of a cold air mass, which would lower the temperature considerably. At that time, the damp warm weather we'd been experiencing hadn't changed.

There was a light fog, and not a breath of air stirring. The temperature was 72, the air smelled of a fire that burned out hours ago, and the heavy, dank air was almost oppressing. After a few minutes, there was a light stirring from the north, and the fog started disappearing. After thirty minutes, the wind was higher, the air was clear, and the temperature already had fallen to 68 degrees. 

Now, at 2:00 am, the wind is strong from the north, temperature is 62, falling, and a local weather station is reporting temperatures in the mid fifties only 30 miles to the north. Radar shows a band of showers far to the west, and these will probably lead to some freezing precipitation in some counties further north. These areas are already in the thirties, with a forecast for below freezing temperatures by morning. 

We, according to the experts, should be around 36 by daybreak. That's a huge change, and welcome. The cold won't last, but the cold, dry air will give us some relief from the humidity that's been causing so many sinus problems.

I have to add that at 10:00 am, it's 35, cloudy, and it might reach 40 degrees today. For my neck of the woods, this is brutal winter. This gives me a strong admiration for those that brave much worse and only enjoy a few weeks of warm weather.


  1. We dropped to 24 this morning, and likely it won't get out of the forties today either; if that.
    Supposedly, it'll be colder tomorrow morning than today.

    1. The wind has been a steady 25 mph with gusts to around 40. That's what will drop the temperature rapidly after sunset. Some locals are scoffing about the time of freezing temperatures, and don't think it's necessary to protect their pipes. Time will tell, but I took precautions.

  2. A bit chilly here, too. I like it. Makes the hot morning coffee taste that much better.

    1. We needed the colder, drier air. The woods around here become a moldering mess of fungi, which cause numerous mold induced sinus infections. We'll have some relief for a short time.

      Coffee does taste better on a cold, crisp morning. It's 26, the sky is crystal clear, and the heavy frost is beautiful in the early light.

  3. only -24C here this morn, so it warmed up. That isn't cold, BTW... we have all been spoiled and turned into sissies with the warm weather.

    Supposed to get warmer next week but we'll see I suppose...

    1. That's brutal, but if it's normal, power to you for learning to live in that environment.

      I don't think I'll trade you for our brutal heat. I've learned to deal with that, and would freeze to death trying to adapt to -24.