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Monday, January 3, 2022

Manslaughter, and Betty White

 According to this article, Betty White received a jab three days before she died.  A spokesman denied this had anything to do with her death, and she died of natural causes. 

I don't believe this. Any doctor with more sense than a bag of hammers would know the introduction of an inoculation known to cause serious side effects is dangerous, and would avoid doing so on a 99 year old patient. I call it manslaughter, and whoever injected her should be charged.

How about that Fauci, you degenerate scourge to mankind? Your participation helped kill America's Sweetheart, and you too should be punished. 

A new article states she didn't receive an injection three days before her death. Who knows, but I bet a coroner could determine the exact cause of death. I have a feeling that won't happen, so it will always be conjecture.

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