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Sunday, January 16, 2022

Winter Shenanigans

Yesterday, the power went off for about four hours. The high winds, and the colder air can cause problems with the power lines, and if it's a big enough problem, restoring power is a multi-step  process to keep the large breakers from throwing. Four hours is understandable, but a little inconvenient for my all electric home. 

Last night, at about 11:00, the power went out again. This time, the problem was from the big company power supplier, which turned out to be the original problem. The big difference was it was 16 hours before it came back on. 

So, the power is back on, the house is a toasty 67 degrees, and I had a chance to run my generator to keep it well maintained. Tomorrow I'll change the oil, put some fresh gasoline, cover it back up, and hope I won't have to use it again tonight. If I do, I won't wait long to fire it up. It's supposed to drop to about freezing, and the wind is still high.


  1. Wait til it's all solar and wind....

    1. Texas learned last year the absurdity of relying on the supposed renewal energy sources. Hopefully, the future brings an end to the madness.

  2. that's why i have gas heat, and wood stove for backup w/ a stand of trees out back. have a couple of small sine wave gennies for tv n such. and solar to back that up. redundancy is king.

    1. Natural gas service isn't available in my rural area. Propane is an option, but my wife wouldn't be able to sleep knowing it's in the house. My generator is large enough to handle kitchen appliances, a small ac and a water well. If it's cold, the generator can power an electric space heater, but requires balancing the load to prevent from overloading the generator.