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Tuesday, April 26, 2022


 Elon Musk now owns Twitter. Supposedly, the platform will now be run by free speech promoting rational people. Call me cynical, since the owner has licked up billions of wasted tax dollars to fund a ridiculous vehicle that would fail in a market untainted by government meddling. I don't trust such people. They operate a criminal enterprise with the help of officials that have no morals.


  1. Another question to ask is how is Twitter still in business, and who harvests the information from that?

    1. From what I've seen, Twitter was struggling and couldn't legally shield those hiding the books much longer. Stockholders were getting nervous, subscribers were leaving, and the future was bleak. Regardless of the data mining, it would soon become obvious Twitter was financed by a third party interested in the data. That couldn't happen, so along comes Elon Musk, whore to the government, that has an ego, with the strong desire to keep being wealthy.

      I don't know how this will all work out, but I don't believe Musk has a strong moral opinion that free speech is something to cherish. He will keep anyone else from starting the same platform, government (and private interested people) will continue data mining, and the soon to fail electric car fiasco will not be needed to channel tax dollars into the hands of politicians.

  2. I have wondered why he didn't take his outlay and start a competitor.
    If, as what John says is true, "Twitter" was committing suicide, Musk could have started his own function with people loyal to him.
    Now he'll have to deal with saboteurs attacking from dark corners of the company.
    (Or is this just to punish the Karen's?)

    1. His purchase bought a lot of equipment. Employees he can cull with impunity, and many will turn on the instigators at the drop of a hat. That, and it already has a huge customer base.

      I have a feeling Musk is ruthless with his demands. Some would probably call him a tyrant.

  3. Twitter is just another 'woke-go-broke' riches to rags story. If you let pink haired lunatics and sexual degenerates into your company and let them take over, they will run it into the ground as anyone sane will get boiled off.

    Also it is now the age of the digital nomad. When these platforms get corrupted, folks just move elsewhere. I had no interest in Twitter but I just love Gab. Free speech is truly a wonderful thing.

    1. I think many of the electronic companies are convenient tax shelters. With assets spread all over the world, shifting money is easy for effective accountants and attorneys. The larger the company, the bigger shelters.