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Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Watching Spring

I made a walk to the ramp given to us for the front door. It was being stored,  would have been there for a long, long time, and kept me from building one. It's not a necessity at this time, but my wife's knees, and mine too, won't last forever. The ramp will be more than helpful in the future. 

The walk is the simple 12 inch square concrete pads available at most box stores. Placing them requires some fine grading, a little dirt for needed fill, and for me: kneepads. It only took 100 of them, but I can see more to be purchased in the future for additions to the walk. That, and some borders for planned beds. It tedious work, and made me realize how what once was the work of one morning takes a few days. Still, it's satisfying work, and with some help from family, made it a labor of love. 

Spring has been relatively dry. The huge thunderstorms have skirted to the north, and what rain we've received is  in quick heavy showers that leave less than one half inch. It's been enough, and the heavy greenery is proof. Wildflowers on the highways is abundant, and our roses are starting to bloom. 

The wind has been ferocious. Steady wind at 20 mph with gusts above 30 have become annoying. On the cooler mornings, it chills. On the warmer afternoons, it hides the work of the sun. I'm complaining now, but will miss it during the hotter days soon to arrive. 

The hummingbirds are arriving. The few trying to feed must contend with the one that thinks they are all his. He'll chase them away for now, but when the main group arrives, he will be overwhelmed. Most will go on, but we have had a few stay all summer to raise a family. Their tiny nests are something to behold when found. 

Purple martins are skimming the pond for the flying insects. They find the swarms of biting insects, feast, and skim the top of the pond for water. A few will land, chatter with their strange language,  and only stay for a few minutes. Soon, they're off again to feast on the spring bounty.

We hung some heavier curtains on the front porch. Adding some grommets at the bottom, placing some eyebolts for securing small bungee cords, and now having secure curtains leads to afternoons without constantly dealing with the curtains. That, and the shade keeps that part of the house from the evening sun. The benefit is a comfortable place to sit, and reduced cooling bills. 

I could write for hours about the rotten politics, but haven't felt like reiterating what is obvious. All the talk, all the anger, and all the frustrations don't change the fact the changes will only come from a few people being severely punished; regardless of their authority, or position. I don't see that happening within the confines of laws being ignored. The options are there, but will mean some terrible times. Most politicians know what's right, and honest, but ignore their responsibilities. There's wealth to accumulate, people to manipulate, and the suffering of the constituents is not of their concern.


  1. Solve the problems you can, wake up the people you can, and enjoy the sunrise and sunset. Don't let any of it bother you.

    1. I can't let it bother me. This is a repeat of too many former administrations, and life is becoming shorter. Time will eventually work it all out.

  2. That's some work.
    Hopefully you will find it rewarding.

    1. It is rewarding. My career spanned decades of work, all the headaches associated with being in management, and now, any work is at my pace without the distractions.