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Friday, April 15, 2022

Twitter Atwitter

 Elon Musk wants to buy all of Twitter. Twitter said no, and took measures to prevent a takeover. Musk is stirring the pot, and if I have to guess, Twitter stock is about to tank, shareholders will be pissed, and the board will find going out is not a good thing. 

Since I don't do Twitter, it doesn't matter to me. It's all a big game, and regardless of opinion, is a huge treasure trove for those that spy. 


  1. Just watching this while eating a bucket of popcorn. Hoping he is successful so he can follow thru with the removal of the letter 'W' from the word Twitter.

  2. it is the opinion heartbeat of the United States - that's why they quiver so . . .

  3. He's making some more moves, according to the News. He's facing some powerful money, but that power is only good when it's not exposed. With enough light, the cockroaches may scurry into the corners to hide.

  4. Elon is the next Donald Trump - with all the wind and hot air.

    I don’t do Twitter or Facebook either, I tend to lurk on Blab and Telegram. I’m a rights and freedoms guy and have no patience libs, censorship and perverts.