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Tuesday, November 22, 2022

As Thanksgiving Approaches

 We've had rain for the last few days. It was never heavy, so the rain gauge only has a thin line of water at the bottom. The showers were light, but almost continuous. The leaden skies would allow a break for a few minutes, but the approach of darker clouds would signal the lack of rain would be brief, and the showers would soon start again. 

This afternoon, a thin band of blue slowly advanced from the West, and within time, the skies were almost clear. The changing trees were brilliant with the last of their leaves. Dull oranges, a few reds, and one tree was a brilliant yellow. It was something to see, and the sunshine was a welcome relief. 

This evening foretells what is to happen. Rafts of clouds drift by, and the dull lead colored bottoms are accented by the brilliant oranges at their tops. This will continue through tomorrow evening, and the forecast is for a gray Thanksgiving, warmer temperatures, and more of the steady light rain. 

The family is collecting the things required. We're furnishing the turkey, others the ham, pies are planned, and all the separate dishes of a feast are now in the plans. We'll gather at my nieces home, and about two dozen will partake in the gathering of family. 

I don't know about you, but few moments in the year are as grand as what is about to come. I'm blessed, and thank God for my blessings. I know it want last but a few hours, but those hours are priceless moment to be cherished forever.

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