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Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Blood Red Moon

I guess I've been caught at not paying attention. There's full-blown lunar eclipse outside, and I had to find out by going outside and looking up. At least I didn't do something foolish, like staying up most of the night to watch it. 

Yesterday, I discovered new restrictions. After mixing, placing, and finishing six bags of concrete mix, sweating like a whore in church, feeling like I ran a marathon, and having no energy left to do anything, I realized basically doing nothing for long periods of time, and then expecting the resilience of youth to appear, is really not a good approach to the older years in life. There is a solution, but it requires more cooperation on my part. 

Today we go to the polls and hope for good results. To me, a good result would be finding a few dozen badly beaten reprobates swearing they weren't trying to cheat with the election. That, and not watching the networks bemoan the end of the world. We'll see how this works out, but attorneys will be the real winners. 

Meanwhile, a family member is in the early stages of ending a marriage to a bat-shit crazy spouse. It's something that should have happened a long time ago, but it proves procrastination has long term effects. 

So, I now have my day planned. I will do nothing that requires burning more energy than available from a single M&M, vote, and nap when necessary. Contemplating anything more serious than counting how many cardinals are at the feeder is out, and allowing my brain to relax mandatory.


  1. Well said, Jess. For the election results, prepared for the worst, thrilled if a true Red Wave. Cloudy nights, no chance to see the moon.

    1. Locally, we use paper ballots, which are tabulated by a machine not connected to the internet. There's a paper backup for any runoffs or recounts. That, and you have to have stringently enforced identification documents.

      From what I'm seeing, the Democrat run election offices are muddying the water with machine problems, not opening at the proper times, and anything they think they can get away with. This will not allow a red wave, but it will allow a slow flood of ballots under close scrutiny, maybe many being arrested, and tooth-gnashing by all the usual punks.

    2. They'll never arrest anyone - 2020 proved that.

    3. Of course nobody will be arrested. Doing so will reveal way too much.