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Saturday, December 24, 2022

Incompetence Rewarded

 The judge ruled against Kari Lake's bid to overturn the election results. The reason? There is no direct evidence of intent. That's special. It opens up an entire defense for anyone wanting to defend their actions. 

"Your honor, I wasn't intending to speed."

"No problem. Your charges are dropped, and those pesky children in the school zone must learn how to watch traffic."

See how it works? No more liabilities for anything. Incompetence is the complete answer and from what I've been seeing in the news, that includes everything from treason to murder.


  1. Well, they used that for all of Hillary!'s crimes- so why not herre.
    I never read all the stories, but I'd think this judge was an 0bama or Clinton appointment.

    1. The judge is passing the buck. Regardless of their opinion, they took the easiest path.

  2. This ruling has nothing to do with incomptence. The judge is complicit. Complicit in the massive fraud the left committed.

    1. The judge is a coward. Refusing to investigate only shows they don't want their involvement investigated.