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Saturday, December 10, 2022

Stupidity in Trade

Russia traded a low rated athlete (with a patriot problem) for an arms dealer that cares less who is injured with what he sells. The current clown administration is patting itself on the back for the trade, and Russia is laughing. 

To put it in perspective: Russia needs money, and now they have one of the most successful arms dealers at their beck and call. They get to sell arms, and if he gets out of line, they quietly take care of their problem forever. 

The United States gets an athlete that not only despises her country, she is vocal about her displeasure. She has no use to anyone, except the media, which will pay the big bucks to sell her story. That, and the publishing houses that will clamor for her to sign a book deal. 

There are patriots in jail in Russia, that will remain for now. They are of no importance to the current group of traitors in the capitol, since they're working to destroy the United States. May they suffer tremendously for their actions, and may they televise their misery. 


  1. Great post. What I was thinking is Biden and his handlers needed a story to bump the revelations that Elon is releasing from Twitter and all the crap they've pulled over past several years. What story to do this? Prison swap, taking Griner instead of Whelan. MSM would have given little coverage had Whelan come home. But a dyke WNBA star? When's the parade? Biden will soon declare some day in the future as "Brittney Griner Day."

    Russia, NK, Syrian, Iran, Iraq, SA, UAE - they're all laughing at the idiocy of Biden and his handlers.

    1. Biden, and the rest of the traitors in D.C., are throwing things against the wall to see what sticks. That, and pandering to the super-minority that the media caters to daily. They're all criminals, and should be treated as such.

      Foreign countries have been notified the word of the United States is the same as that of a crack whore needing a fix. It's all empty promises, and thinking otherwise is a dangerous thing to do.

  2. The only WNBA trade that will ever make the news.