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Sunday, December 11, 2022

Maybe One Day

There needs to be a great reckoning.  Those that promoted, profited from, and destroyed many, should be exposed, and punished, for their actions. This includes those that promoted AGW, racial divide, corruption of children, participated in human trafficking, and the worst of all: those that injected a known pathogen in millions with the knowledge they were doing so while completely ignoring the dangers.  

For most of these, the correct punishment should be terrible and painful. Their actions were, and are, the most heinous of atrocities. Waiting for God to decide their judgement is too long to wait, and continuing to allow their actions is a crime against humanity.  


  1. They mean to use this as a way to gain total control, forever.

  2. They know it. There is a deeply buried, deliberately ignored growing fury everywhere. They can sense it too. They are starting to panic…

  3. It will be a failed effort as long as they can't confiscate firearms. While some states may fold, those with the most productive people won't.