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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

We'll Dodge The Worst of It

Just a few hundred miles away, the temperature is just right for the rain to freeze, and the forecast accumulations are up to a third of an inch. That's the amount to break huge limbs off pines, destroy live oaks, and bring much of the electric lines to the ground. I feel for those getting the weather, since we've had the same in the past, and it took weeks for things to be repaired. 

We've had temperatures in the low forties, plenty of light rain, or drizzle, and generally miserable weather. It's supposed to last until tomorrow afternoon after a band of heavier showers pass through. If it doesn't last long, our road won't flood, and we won't have to wait for the water to recede. 


  1. I'm in Austin, the sound of breaking limbs is continuous.

    1. Yes. The loud "Crack" when it first breaks loose, then the pause while you wait to hear where it lands. Your roof? The neighbor's roof? The truck? Then a bit of relief when you hear the Whomp! of it hitting the ground.

    2. During one ice storm, I had a large limb that I knew would take out my service if it broke. I didn't have a chainsaw, so in the night, in the freezing rain, I whittled away at the limb, while standing on a ladder.