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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Beans and Cornbread

We ate beans and cornbread when I was being raised. It was part of the process of a ham dinner. The ham was eaten until there was only enough for my father's lunches. The bone was then boiled with navy beans and the huge pot was consumed with green onions for garnish and cornbread. It was, and still is, damned good eating and inexpensive. While it was necessary for my parents to keep within their food budget, it was a fine effort by both and we ate well.

Debbie Wasserman Shultz is worried about her staffers starving. Their $60,000 to $160,000 yearly salaries are not enough. She blames the sequester, which is becoming a source of angry amusement by U.S. citizens who have suffered for a long time due to the piss-poor management by Congress of the economy. It's hard to convince people the government is in need of money when the President, and Biden, piss off millions to travel for no real reason.

I say they get some beans and a crock pot. That way, they can cook dinner while they work and bring leftovers for the people that pay their salaries. There is no sympathy and their whining is becoming annoying.


  1. I guess they'd also believe that eating cold beans on butter bread late at night is beneath them too. But there's no better way to use up the last of the bean soup.

  2. That is a midnight snack for royalty. It's like cornbread, with a dash of salt, crumbled in a bowl with cold milk.

  3. I still do that - company Christmas ham every year, ends up as black eyed peas usually.

    1. I don't like black eyed peas, so I don't ever use them. Navy beans, or great northern are my choice, although pinto beans are good, also. What's best about pintos is the last of the pot can be refried and eaten on a toasted flour tortilla.

  4.'re making me want a ham dinner now for Easter, instead of the steaks we planned.

  5. Ham makes an excellent dinner, but if it's the beans that catch your fancy, they're great when placed on the pit, with a little sauce and allowed to get a little of the smoke from the steak while it cooks.

  6. Beans and cornbread! We just had that last week & I finished off the last of the leftovers yesterday. I like to make mine with a ham bone from honey baked hams. I boil the bone separately until the meat falls off then add it to the pot later. Then I boil down the rest of it until you get a nice rich broth that I freeze and use in the next pot of beans. That takes care of most of the seasoning.

    I like pinto or black beans, great northerns are ok but not my favorite. I can't abide a lima bean.

    We do the cornbread and milk thing too only with buttermilk instead and I like a sliced green onion in the mix. We always did it in a glass for some reason.