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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Bozo Parade

I coined that term this afternoon, while driving down the interstate. Traffic was terrible; mostly because there were some lane closures, which were well marked, had plenty of advance warning messages, but the bozo drivers didn't pay attention and rode all the way to the barrels in the wrong lane.

Meanwhile, drivers allowed these bozos in, so they became part of the parade. Me? I found an exit and went another way. I don't like bozo parades; they have too many dumbasses involved.


  1. I am only going to give you credit for "bozo parade" one time. After that it is in the public domain. Good one! ha ha ha ha the rat

  2. They put up electronic message boards for miles detailing what lane is closed. Still, people see the open lane, jump in and the next thing you know, they have an entourage of bozos following.

    Big trucks help, when they straddle the lane and not allow people to get in front. Another truck will stay a little behind and allow them in at the last moment.

    Another thing is cops that stay in the lane that's closed miles ahead. People avoid cops, so they move over long before they can cause problems.