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Wednesday, March 20, 2013


We've had tastes of spring for weeks. The redbuds and azaleas started blooming; clover and dandelions appeared. The cold weather, which is never really that cold is disappearing. It's been over 80 degrees a few days this week.

I cut my mothers yard this evening. It was mostly to even out the odd clumps of different annoyance ground cover plants, but it required a complete pass with the lawnmower. The mowing season is starting, which will soon lead to the weekly cutting, or cussing because the grass is too tall. I don't relish it, but it's part of not having to fight ice and snow all winter. If it wasn't for hurricanes, it would be a paradise for some.

From talking with someone that was raised in Minnesota, the last few days compare to a summer day in that part of the country. If so, I can see where summer is a wonderful time of year and I would relish each day.

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