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Thursday, April 11, 2013

BSOD - Epilogue

Windows is back as it was and should be; no critters, or software glitches, except one: Outlook won't open, which is one of those things I can work around forever; if necessary.

So, I've been lucky and learned some things. Now, the next big question will be to upgrade to Windows 7 or  8. Everything I've learned so far about 8 is there are problems, although that's expected right after a new version  is out.

Another thing is to tear one of the old machines at the office apart, steal the hard drive and turn it into a backup, or mirrored drive. I'll need to do a little research first.


  1. I see nothing in Windows seven that's THAT much better than XP (I use both and chafe at 7 a lot), and 8 is a mess.

  2. Robb Allen just upgraded to Windows 8....

  3. I'll give Windows 8 a few months, so the programmers can fix what's screwed up. After that, I'll go rummaging for some more memory and upgrade.