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Thursday, April 11, 2013

So, Who Is Charged With a Federal Crime?

A Kentucky Democratic group called "Progress Kentucky" has members that secretly recorded a conversation between Mitch McConnell and some campaign advisors. The tape was given to Mother Jones; a news organization.

Connecting the dots, it seems there's a whole bunch of problems that developed. One: Mother Jones took a recording; never checked the legalities of how it was acquired; reported the story and now is exposed to civil liabilities, possible criminal activities and the wrath of a sitting U.S. Senator. That can turn out badly.

Next, we have two people that bragged about breaking the law, an organization that's trying to squirm away from their culpability and one of the two that taped the conversation placing all the blame on the other.

Now we wait. There are two ways that this can be handled:

- The F.B.I. can investigate, charges are filed and somebody finds they have no friends in the current Democratic Party.

- The F.B.I. investigates, the U.S. Attorney doesn't pursue any charges and the entire mess is swept under the rug.

Either could happen, but I have the feeling there are a lot of people crapping their pants, now realizing how deep this information may have gone without anyone reporting a criminal act. While members of the current administration may feel it was inconsequential, the same could be said of the Nixon Administration. In the end, the feeding frenzy was a bloody event. Hiding the information was much worse than the act.

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