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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

BSOD Part 3

I've been out in the field, so my repair of my computer at work has been in bits and pieces. Long story short: CD scan of hard drive; elimination of pesky critters; repair install of Windows; reload drivers and now I'll have to reload some software that was corrupted. Getting Windows activated was a bear and required extracting some CAB files for XP utilities.

I still can't find anyone to fess up to being on my computer, but when I opened Adobe Reader, the recently opened files had absolutely nothing to do with any work I do. Otherwise, I have a really good idea who was on my computer.

It's time to take one of the old computer, turn it into a printer server and lock everybody out of my computer with a password. Sometimes you just have to be an ass.


  1. It's a shame, but when my 11 year old blog and email and facebook got taken out from under me, I felt like I'd been violated with no defense or recourse.

    You're not an ass when you're dealing with assholes. They've already got that covered. pun?

    Good luck darlin

  2. I should be furious, but the little episode has led to all kinds of secret stuff that allow manipulation of Windows; even though it doesn't want you to. It was a little empowering. It's like I just kicked Windows ass and said: "Go ahead. Screw with me again. Next time I'll press control, alt. delete and throw your ass in the burning barrel.