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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Quagmires and Tort

I guess I have absolutely no respect for the abysmal congregation of egotistical buffoons we call Congress. In all of them, there's not a one with enough gumption to belly up to the bar, resign from being part of what any rational person would call organized crime, expose those they all know are the greatest contributors to the problem, and live the rest of their life with a tiny shred of honor.

Sue the President? Yeah, okay. What are they hoping to get? A judgement? Some money? A restraining order?


  1. Agreed. There remains only a very small "Freedom" wing of the Republican party (h/t Mark Levin) but other than that, the rest give egotistical buffoons a bad name.

    1. Congress could do so much to help the United States, but they've written checks their asses can't cover.