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Friday, July 11, 2014

We'll Just Cut Off The Aid and Send Them an Invoice

Mexico has received hundreds of millions in U.S. aid. It's time to cut them off and send them a bill for the mess they're making.

Another thing: If they want to stop the mass migration of scofflaws, the solution is simple: Make it illegal to rent, sell or board anyone without identification. We won't have to send anyone home, when that happens. They'll leave because they'll have no place to stay.

Before anyone chimes in on this as "inhumane", think about the lack of humanity, when a government refuses to protect its citizens, forces those that work to contribute to funding they object to and ignores the laws officials swore to enforce, only a fool would not think of such things as inhumane.


  1. *Snorts in disgust* You won't get any arguments from me. I, a hard working A-grade earning student and natural citizen, can't get food stamps or extra financial aid for housing assistance, but then they seem to have plenty of money to aid illegals.

  2. If you wear a sombrero, put on some dark makeup and not bathe for a week, you might convince some bureaucrat you are a refugee. After that, you can enjoy your big screen television in the condominium they place you.

  3. I am so amazed that this is happening so easily. It seems that people here must jump through hoops and get nothing. But, just walking across the border is good enough for illegal aliens. This has just got to stop. But, when will people get sick enough for politicians to listen? My son and his children live in McAllen, TX, and I worry about their problems.

    I think we should park a bus on the other side of the border, stocked with food and drink and start shipping children back to anywhere but here. I hate to sound so mean about children, but there comes a point when my bleeding-heart liberal self is bled dry. I fear this is an excuse for UN to come in and "help" us maintain order.

    1. I drove through McAllen last year. It's all bilingual, with the Mexican being too dominant.