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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Some Words of Advice

I was driving down the highway, when I spotted a young man walking on the opposite shoulder.

He wasn't wearing a shirt, which is not unknown, but my words of advice to the young man are:

 "If your physique immediately brings to mind the phrase "meth head", it's probably best you keep your shirt on."

At best, people are only amused, or insulted. At worst, the police might find a reason to stop you for questioning and discover that warrant for not reporting to your probation officer.


  1. I think a meth head was screaming at me in the WM parking lot. He really needs to quit going around screaming irrationally to a nice woman going the wrong direction in the driving lanes. If he had circled around to my parked car, I was ready to call the police. Really, the guy was irrational. The teeth and grisly shape of his face was horrifying when his face was about a foot from my face.

    1. They look like death and it's not long before death is their fate.

  2. Profiling. Hey. Maybe it's just common sense.
    Then again, sitting next to one on a plane can be exciting.

    1. There's nothing like an emaciated, smelly person sitting next to you; talking ninety miles an hour with rotten teeth, a close proximity and a mouth full of rotten teeth.

  3. Replies
    1. I've seen some that only had rigor mortis left to experience.