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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Bodies Falling From the Sky

News reports state that bodies fell from the sky, after a window rattling boom. They landed in yards, fields and one even went through the roof of a house, where it still remain; a naked woman waiting for authorities to retrieve the body.

I don't know about you, but the horrific event is revealing more horror. Not only is the actual occurrence disquieting and chilling, the aftermath, rhetorical squabbling and finger pointing brings an uncomfortable feeling. The reaction by those involved is not that of reasoned, responsible people. The raw emotional actions remind me of primitive societies; not modern nations of law, with the demand of accountability and the lack of political motivations for justice.

It takes exceptional world leaders at times such as these. Unfortunately, one key player - the United States of America - is selfishly absorbed in nonsense and it's reflected in the current President.

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  1. I think of the ordinary Ukrainian farmers who had bodies come down in their wheatfield or their sunflower field or, in one case I heard of, through the roof of their house. How horrific. How life-changing. And some 100 people on the plane were apparently top AIDS researchers on their way to a conference.

    More and more life seems like a really bad Marvel Comics movie before the superhero shows up. Except there ain't any superheroes in real life...