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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Where It All Started

Blogging starts, when the mind is too full. At least that's what caused me to start.

Someone told me - at total stranger at that - I should start blogging. So, I tested the water, placed a foot in to test the temperature, and promptly fell in; I came close to drowning.

Anyway,. that person has a blog. She used to post more, but even with less posts, I push aside all projects, when Lee Ann posts to go see what she has written.

Go see and take a gander. Read the archives and make sure you comment. Be careful; her razor wit, well structured thought (maybe a little demented...or not) and willingness to injure detractors can disembowel a troll from a few hundred feet.

One warning: Some might find her language a little salty, or the subject offensive. I don't, but then my job doesn't involve coordinating social gatherings at the local churches.

Of course, I regret writing this post, but it's better than having a honey badger gnaw my genitals for breakfast......yes, that was the threat.


  1. Rats, was hoping for a new read but she is already on my daily checkin list! Just like you....


    1. I keep an eye on her....and that's good advice for everyone.

  2. Wow. Just.... wow! I'm salty and demented, my two favorite things. :)
    This is one of the coolest, nicest things anyone's ever said about me. Including the time I saved Chuck Norris from a busload of nuns. But that's a story for another day.
    Thank you so big huge much!!

    1. Salty and demented is good...unless they apply to a crocodile you just found has crept up behind and is less than three feet away.

      You deserve credit for making me laugh. Few people manage that feat and when it's attached to razor sharp wit, it only makes it more special.

    2. And another thing: I had friend tell me I needed to write, which was good, but I've reached the point in life where I realize friends don't want to hurt your feelings and point out such things as your nose hairs are distracting. Maybe really, good friends do, but then again, really good friends are hard to come by, leave to another state and they can't see how revolting your appearance is as you spill spaghetti sauce down the shirt you haven't changed in two days, because you spent too much time drinking scotch, surfing the web and lost track of time.

      So, you didn't have a dog in the hunt, took the time to encourage and did so without any thought of personal gain.....except for me to promise you a cut of the first million I made on a book deal. I haven't forgotten that promise. How could I? The honey badger is growling outside at the moment. I guess I should go to the store and buy it a t-bone....or two.