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Friday, July 25, 2014

It's Getting Pathetic

I read the news, watch some commentary and listen to the radio. It's reached the point where it's so obvious a substantial amount of the media can only be pitied. With some, it's an obvious denial of how the political structure of the U.S. is removed from actual help to the constituents, but with others, it's obvious they're clueless to the plight of U.S. citizens.

I'm guessing those with an agenda are probably reaching the point where they are worried about their reputation and legacy. The others will probably find one day they've been a dumbass for so long, their only hope of survival will be in admitting their ignorance and hoping for the best. Those I doubt will find much sympathy. They're supposed to be the best in analyzing and presenting facts without politics or ignorance as guidelines for the presentation. People with less tolerance will be spiteful and vengeful.


  1. Torches.
    Apply liberally.

  2. That would work, although too many would be clueless of why they were being treated in that way. That's what makes it so pathetic.