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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Flu Shot

I've had the flu only a few times during my life. My last case was decades ago, It started as a slight headache during the morning, a splitting headache by the end of work, chills before dark, and a high fever, which finally broke early the next morning. During the fever, I had a hard time concentrating, and the muscle aches were dreadful. After finally falling asleep, I awoke in a bed soaked with my sweat.

I missed work for a few days, which was necessary, since nothing wanted to stay in, and I would have been nearly useless.

Returning to work was tough, since it was late Fall,  and I was bridge carpenter. I was worn out by the end of what were shorter days, and would have stayed home instead, but I needed the money. The annoying cough yielded plenty of phlegm, which made me wonder if I had pneumonia.

It took about two weeks for the sore throat to finally end. Afterwards, I was apprehensive for a long time. Being that ill is a mind jolting experience.

So, I take a flu shot every year. I know many people think it's useless, or dangerous, or fear it's an effort by the government to kill us all, but I don't care. I haven't had the flu in a long time; even with exposure. I like that.


  1. I don't get them but I have no soapbox against them. Germs like soapboxes.

    1. Yes they do, and so do other pests, like liberals.

  2. I just don't buy their efficacy and have seen them leave complications.
    Excuses, excuses.

    1. I had a little malaise, a mild headache, and a low fever last night. It's gone this morning, and I feel good.

  3. I get a flu shot most every year and so far, I have neither caught the flu nor have I had any complications from the shot. However, I have a few close friends who have gotten deathly ill after taking the shot and have sworn to never repeat the experience.

    Some hospitals and other health care providers require a flu shot every year as a condition of employment.

    1. Any reactions were mild, and those I know that developed strong flu symptoms, did so within the two weeks before the flu vaccine is determined to start protecting.

      I've only read about influenza pandemics, but they happen, and the mortality rate is startling.