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Saturday, September 9, 2017

It's a Lot Like Prositution

Prostitutes advertise their wares, push for the deal, and exchange money for sexual favors. So does the media. The most sensational, graphic, or shocking story is used to lure viewers, so they can be entertained for a few minutes, and after the event, the media is looking for more "John's" to pay the bills, and keep the ratings high.

The current hurricanes are a good example. With the approach of Harvey, the media was constantly showing forecasts, people trying to evacuate and trying to keep their ratings up. When it struck, the initial reports were on Rockport, Texas, which received the worst of the landfall damage. As the storm moved toward Houston, and the flooding began, Rockport was forgotten, and the new sensational news reports were aimed at showing the devastation of the water.

Now we have Irma. All the Harvey damage is almost forgotten, and someone is suffering in Rockport. Their life is ruined, they have few resources, and they're wondering how they'll survive. They feel forgotten, and they are. They aren't "sensational", and the media could care less about their suffering.

Meanwhile, in the ivory towers of network television, those without a clue continue their efforts to keep the ratings up, and turn another few tricks for the pimps that sign their paychecks.


  1. yep, but the prostitutes are at least honest about what they sell. Meanwhile, the news anchors in the studios keep their hair well coiffed for the next ratings grab.

    1. That's a good point, and they also aren't selling fear. The media loves fear, since it's almost contagious.