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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

They Call Them Roads

One remarkable thing I noticed after observing the area wide flooding are the roads. For all practical purposes, they're dams, and those that built below the level of the road, were most affected.

Anyone that's building should always consider the location of the nearest road, and build above the top of the road. One foot minimum, and 2 feet as a good start.


  1. Dam roads. Have you dried out yet?

    1. The water is down, and I'm not damaged, but at work, we've ripped out sheet rock, thrown away office furniture, and are hoping our file server is the only computer that was saved.

  2. Wait, what, are you implying that anyone that builds below normal grade level is 'stupid' or something? Why that is simply shocking or racist or genderist or something.

    1. Let's just call them Democrats. It seems that's the correct term for all kinds of emotional, mental, an societal irregularities.