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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The Trade-Off

From things I've seen on the internet, there are some really pissed off fans of many teams. Not only are they swearing off any watching of the NFL, they're burning jerseys and other NFL items.

Where does this go? What is the trade off? I think it will be monetary at first, but with a reduced NFL, college teams will find more first. Time will change the importance of the sport, and other sports will find new fans, with new revenue.

What about the NBA, and professional baseball? I think the players will expose their posteriors too, and the franchises will lose substantial revenue; especially when advertisers realize their ads are not being presented to what were once their biggest consumers.

There's always a trade-off, and the trade off for ignorance is never good. This all started with one player being allowed to show his ignorance, which may be good. It exposed much more ignorance, and maybe galvanized enough to show their pride in the United States.


  1. While I appreciate the passion of the fans burning their nfl gear as a protest, it won't faze them. After all, the league and/or teams have ALREADY profited from the sale of those items.
    Boycotts of all nfl related gear and sponsors 'might' have an effect, that remains to be seen.
    As to whether or not the sickness will infect other professional sports - it already has. Just look at the track record of the Spurs coach...........;-(

    1. The Saints might be faced with the loss of Louisiana tax money. There's a push to eliminate their money from the finances, and it will hurt the team, if the money isn't obligated.

  2. Just keep curling and Jamaican bobsled pure and free from politics.